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Lawyers Movement Singing

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Lawyer’s Movement gathering with singer in the background. The singer is not bad, however the adoption of a “song” by the movement and the way it is presented seems a bit forced.

The song promises employment to all, saving the country, promises to the “Janta”. The country will not be destroyed. Tell everyone our steps will not falter, we will not submit, winning is our future “Jeet Hamara Mustaqbil Hai”.

If their movement goes beyond the individual Iftikhar Chaudhry and manages to reform the corrupt judges (of which Iftikhar Chaudhry was one), then that would be a far worthier cause.

If the lawyers organize themselves into a screening committee (comprising the most reputed lawyers) that might be something fruitful.

If instead they just go for a voting system, then the judges they choose later may wind up being just like their Bar Council Presidents, who are often not real lawyers, but touts or paymasters for police or corrupt judges. Some lawyers are famous for being conduits for paying off police or corrupt judges.

This is a reality that has so far not been highlighted by the media. The media has also not commented on the competence levels of some of these “lawyers”, many of whom would not quality as “paralegals” in the U.S. The competence of some is close to illiterate levels in their ability to frame legal documents and applications.

Competence levels vary greatly within the legal community. You will find Barristers (most of whom were AGAINST Iftikhar Chaudhry because they knew his reputation), and more competent working lawyers, and then the bottom rung consisting of affidavit attesters and touts for police and corrupt judges.

The reason competence levels vary so greatly is because the selection system for entry is not rigorous and basically anyone can become a lawyer.

This is why you will find a preponderance of PPP “jiyalas” in the lawyer community as well – on “coming in from the cold” they found there were few jobs for which they were eligible (given their prison records and other activities).

Most competent lawyers make their money as working lawyers. Usually competent lawyers avoid becoming judges, since the compensation is limited for the amount of work required. And there is little chance for upside i.e. if a law practice really takes off. This factor contributes also towards the steady accumulation of incompetent people into the judges community and the low pay probably does not help much to encourage the honest judges (few) among the vast majority of corrupt judges.

Aitzaz Ahsan Lawyers Movement Singing – Mar 3, 2009


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March 16, 2009 at 9:14 am

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