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Assessing Imran Khan

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Parts 2-5 below.

Imran Khan answering questions in public forum with university students and faculty – TV One – Apr 11, 2009.

Imran Khan’s great talent is in picking the challenges that he CAN do and NOT doing the ones he cannot.

For example given the chance to join various governments as minister, he has avoided the complication those jobs would entail for him.

The good this is that this allows him to do some things at a high level of quality.

The bad thing is it also limits the impact he can have on society.  For instance if he had joined Zia-ul-Haq’s government as minister of education for instance, he MIGHT have instituted some changes which may have remained to this day and created a 10% improvement over ALL these years.

It is this focus on excellence which thus deprives him of the ability to participate in a wider (albeit more diluted) improvement of things in Pakistan.

In this he is starkly different from a person like Edhi, who is primarily focused on serving the people without regard for payback or acclaim.  A wider net is also cast and thus a lower quality is achieved also.

With Imran Khan one of the problems he has – which limits his leadership quality to not go beyond schoolboy-level show off-ness – is that he cannot do something that is good for the nation but is bad for his image.

And in this respect he is also different from Musharraf – who has taken decisions which would be unpopular but were required for that time.  Because of this he achieved great improvements in a number of areas (if you can escape the Afghan-centric media focus as touchstone for all success).

And THAT primarily is the main weakness in Imran Khan.  And that is the he is not a “heroic” character.  Sure, he is a charismatic character, but there is a sense of a veneer to him which prevents people from daftly following him through hell.

And it is this weakness which will prevent Imran Khan from ever becoming a great leader – it is a very small difference, but a crucial one which is very hard for a person to do once one is in the OTHER camp.

Other than that Imran Khan carries the scandal of “Zaani” (having fathered a daughter with Sita White which is bad enough by Pakistani standard, but even worse to NOT be adopting her as his own).  This issue which will be ignored while he allies himself with former opponents like Nawaz Sharif, Benazir/Zardari and Jamaat-e-Islami (Qazi Hussain and now the new one) against the common foe of the moment (Musharraf and later Zardari), will AGAIN rear it’s head if he ever goes against his current allies.

So while Musharraf may not have used this against Imran Khan, the JI and Nawaz Sharif will waste no time in raising this issue if he ever goes against them.

This seriously limits his VIABILITY as a leader.

The other weakness of course is his marriage and children with the Goldsmith family of the U.K. which is a Jewish family with ties to the Jewish/Banking moneyed class there.

This will ALSO be used by his opponents.

Because of these reasons Imran Khan remains a TAINTED personality with severely crippled prospects for high office (his behaviour in these affairs also raises questions of judgement which may not be visible in projects such as the hospital, but maybe considered grave weaknesses for someone in high office).  Not to say that Zardari is any better than him, but Imran Khan does not have an incumbent PPP base to work with – if he succeeds it will have to be purely on a populist base.

And for the same reasons it makes the criticisms Imran Khan makes especially out of place.  When he is not in a position to take over from the incumbent leaders it raises issues of legitimacy about his criticism.

Then there is the wishy washy philosophies Imran Khan has taken.  First emphasizing honesty of leadership.  Then when he gets an honest leader (Musharraf) he chooses to go against him and allies with former disgraced and corrupt leaders like Nawaz Sharif, Benazir and the dubious-intentioned Jamaat-e-Islami (which has links to U.S. interests since the 1960s, whatever the rhetoric they may publicly proclaim).  And he allies with Iftikhar Chaudhry who had a reputation for corruption among lawyers, and his own lawyers privately conceded they were fighting this only to weaken Musharraf.

It is for this reason that Imran Khan cuts a particularly “lota” figure – if he cannot figure out what is most important for the country.  Stability and honest leadership, or chaos and fake leaders with a history of mismanagement.

1/5 Imran Khan faces university students – TVOne – Apr 11, 2009
2/5 Imran Khan faces university students – TVOne – Apr 11, 2009
3/5 Imran Khan faces university students – TVOne – Apr 11, 2009
4/5 Imran Khan faces university students – TVOne – Apr 11, 2009
5/5 Imran Khan faces university students – TVOne – Apr 11, 2009


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April 11, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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