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Shehbaz Sharif extrajudicial killings (Update 1)

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A number of people are supporting Shehbaz Sharif actions in this case (if youtube comments are any indicator).

The gut feelings of those affected by crime ARE for immediate payback. After all they KNOW who the criminals are and are SURE.

However, as a state and as state machinery, there is a compulsion to have a “system” for doing things. If the court system is corrupt, then the compulsion should be to fix the court system first, rather than getting impatient and starting to “fix” it by having the police take over responsibilities of the courts. This is tantamount to weakening or removing the “need” for courts.

Here is a representative comment supporting the killing of criminals without judgement by qazi/judge:

This “kid” wasn’t brought into the house from anywhere. He was one of the three criminals who broke into this house previous night. He was also involved in killing the retired army officer inside. He was held by the security forces who took him inside and killed him as well. We all know these criminals use their resources if arrested. If Lucman has to show it on Tele,he should show the true picture, the whole story and not just the dark side of the picture to sell his channel.

Here I have tried to separate the emotion aspect (how aggrieved victim thinks) from the “management of government” issue:

Which judge ruled that the kid should be killed in this manner ?

Who decided he should be killed this way – Shehbaz Sharif ? Or the police ?

The police have no interest in violating the rules. Obviously someone high up is giving the order – what are the police asking in return for going outside the law ?

Is this type of “partnership in crime” creating a “relationship” between Shehbaz Sharif and those involved in such “operations” ? Will they do other assassinations for him ?

What prevents such policemen from doing the same thing in other cases (that the CM has not authorized) ?

Is restoration of judiciary only for “special cases” like Nawaz Sharif plane hijacking case ?

Do murderers get a hearing in court ? Or should murderers never wind up in court ?

The media has grown by 100 times – and it is no longer just monitored by literate people (as was the case with print media).

The Sharif brothers are playing a very dangerous game – both for themselves and because of the message this sends to people “violate the rule of law”.

It is no wonder that Shehbaz Sharif did not immediately criticize the extra-judicial killings in Swat or Sufi Mohammed. They are doing the SAME thing in Lahore (i.e. running their own court/execution system).

Sufi Mohammed is actually asking for much less. Nawaz Sharif wanted to become “Amir-ul-Momineen” (at the end of previous tenure).

Youtube comments from this webpage:
1/8 Shehbaz Sharif extrajudicial killings – Mar 9, 2009
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Written by pwyoutube

April 30, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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