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Kiss of Death (Snake) – Dr. Shaista – ARY Morning Show

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Waqar Zaka (host of “Living on the Edge” a “dare” TV show) with Dr. Shaista Wahidi (host of Morning Show on ARY TV) where they try to have her achieve a “Guinness World Record” for female host kissing a snake on the head (between head and eyes).

Interesting for the interaction between the two and the snake.

Other than that, don’t know what the relevance is for this – but evidently it is seen as evidence that women have guts as well (I guess they haven’t heard of childbirth).

Waqar Zaka is a bit creepy as well – the “dare” show he hosts encourages youth to do seemingly dangerous things and eating the same type of rotting foods as featured in “Fear Factor”. Except with THEIR show one is not sure if they have skilled experts who can ensure safety for their pakistani participants.

Do they have the ability to take injured participants to hospital in a hurry (or will they be caught up in Karachi traffic on the road).

The structure of the “dare” programs seems to indicate a total absence of “wise” directors at the top, as it seems to border on a glamorization of a “dare culture” (which along with improper “peer pressure” can lead to people doing what may suit other people, but may not be the best for their own health and safety interests).

This aspect is not as evident in “Fear Factor” and the Pakistani programs would do well to steer clear of the creepy aspects and regularize their programs towards a challenge-type programs, where the host DOES NOT encourage the participants to “go ahead” (even while they are disavowing culpability of the host and the TV channel if “anything goes wrong”).

In a court of law, it could be challenged that the underage participants were coerced under conditions created by the host to do the things they did.

Also there is a question about whether having participants eat items which they normally would not (i.e. rotting food) is un-Islamic in a way. As it REMOVES the natural instinct of humans to avoid certain things, and the program tends to glamorize a disregard for human instinct.

It may suit a commando course, but it’s benefits for general society maybe debatable.

It IS perhaps an apt conduit for ADVERTISERS like Mountain Dew (which is one of the sponsors of Zaka’s show), who with their high caffeine drink push a “life on the edge” or “I don’t care about consequences” “lifestyle” (which dovetails nicely with the “buzz” users feel when they drink high-caffeine drinks):

The 7 Most Sugar Filled Drinks
Suprise! Mountain Dew has lots of caffeine, so it does have drug like effects. If you drink lots of it, and then stop suddenly, the sudden drop in caffeine can give you headaches, esp. if you already are prone to migraines. You need to taper off gradually, and not substitute other caffeine. Good luck.

1/3 Kiss of Death (Snake) – Dr. Shaista – ARY Morning Show – May 5, 2009
2/3 Kiss of Death (Snake) – Dr. Shaista – ARY Morning Show – May 5, 2009
3/3 Kiss of Death (Snake) – Dr. Shaista – ARY Morning Show – May 5, 2009

Living on the Edge (Waqar Zaka) – Youtube channel
Pakistani TV Host broke World Record by Kissing 20 Cobras (Waqar Zaka)


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