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Hasan Nisar lambasts media journalist “munafaqat” – TV One

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Rana Mubasher (TV One) discusses the dubious “memorandum of understanding” that Zardari has signed in the U.S. (with the U.S. and Karzai).

Moves on to asking Hasan Nisar (journalist who used to criticize Musharraf, but has since moderated his views) about role of media in manipulating perception of events.

He and another journalist Mohsin Beg point out that just like the Tehreek-e-Taliban in Swat who call themselves “Taliban” will need to be brought under the writ of government, in the same way THOSE journalists are supporters of Tehreek-e-Taliban and have been misleading the public by not counting Army deaths, but lamenting damage to Tehreek-e-Taliban.

They too mention the Lal Masjid operation and the behaviour of these media people in pushing a perception that hundreds of “women and children” were killed in the operation and their deaths were “hidden” from the public.

Yet by now it has become clear that no women and children were killed. Musharraf has made a statement recently, and those who participated in the operation have indicated that no such deaths occurred. Musharraf has been repeating a challenge that the burial place should be audited. In other TV programs there have been challenges to the feasibility of smuggling out of “hundreds of dead bodies” from the area (given the monitoring by media and neighbours of the place).

Yet, these journalists refuse to correct participants who continue to push the fantasy of “hundreds of women and children” killed in the operation. This has been done by Jamaat-e-Islami (Munawar Hasan) and others from “religious parties”. That is, they REFUSE to criticize Sufi Muhammed and Tehreek-e-Taliban. It is only very recently when Sufi Muhammed criticized THEM and Tehreek-e-Taliban interfered with madrassas that these “religious parties” have started to issue some negative comments as well (Munawar Hasan saying that Sufi Muhammed has also been “thoray say kafir” by participating in elections himself in the past).

Journalists who have supported Tehreek-e-Taliban in the past and hinted at several things that were falsehoods in order to generate public disgust at the “actions of the Army” or the state:
Dr. Shahid Masood (Geo TV and PTV Chairman for a period)
Hamid Mir (Geo TV)
Ansar Abbasi (The News – print army of Geo TV)

Journalists who have, because of their timidity, called for “writ of the state” in the Lal Masjid issue, but who switched attitudes after the establishment of writ of government:

Talat Hussain (AAJ TV)
and others

Talat Hussain is even now asking the government to establish writ of government in Swat – possible repeat performance.

Hasan Nisar and others criticize the “munafaqat” of these journalists who they testify they have seen pushing Musharraf for action on Lal Masjid prior to the operation.

Pakistani viewers themselves have seen Talat Hussain and others talk about the “writ of government” incessantly prior to the operation.

One of the reasons “journalists” have been unwilling to criticize the Tehreek-e-Taliban maybe because they fear bombings on their offices.

However they should at least indicate this possibility.

Instead they have tried to appease them – by criticizing Musharraf all the time during his tenure, and rarely criticizing the Taliban, or criticizing the PPP, PML-N parties.

As noted here before, that suggests the extremely “ghattia” behaviour of the media criticizing THOSE people who they KNOW will not chastise them (i.e. Musharraf who has bent over backwards to foster media freedom in the face of criticism by PML-Q – source: Sheikh Rashid’s comments), while NOT criticizing those people who are aggresive (Taliban, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif).

As the state fights the Tehreek-e-Taliban, the participants recognize the need to identify the journalists who have been trying to bring Pakistani governments while trying to raise the strength of the Tehreek-e-Taliban.

In a trend that is starting to catch on, Hasan Nisar ALSO compares the Tehreek-e-Taliban to the Kharijites. It took a long time for these media people to realize it – perhaps in their hatred of Musharraf they couldn’t bring themselves to criticize “his opponents”. But it seems even these people are starting to see the striking parallels between the Kharijites and the Tehreek-e-Taliban and to see the situation beyond their “taasub” (i.e. bigotry).

Participants also debate the merits of a “blackout” on the statements of the Tehreek-e-Taliban and such outfits – there is disagreement about the value of that. Also there IS value in exposing the extreme and un-Islamic nature of the Tehreek-e-Taliban and an airing of their statements does occasionally reveal those problems in their ideology.

1/3 Hasan Nisar lambasts media journalist “munafaqat” – May 7, 2009
2/3 Hasan Nisar lambasts media journalist “munafaqat” – May 7, 2009
3/3 Hasan Nisar lambasts media journalist “munafaqat” – May 7, 2009

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