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Advice to a Young Taliban – Part 3

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Made another long comment in response to a pro-taliban comment:

1/3 Real situation in Swat – Afzal Khan Lala (ANP) – May 4, 2009

Lala is very brave leader of ANP but Lala is telling a lie
i dislike Lala

From the posters profile it seems he adulates “Maulana” Fazlullah, which was intruiging, because Maulana Fazlullah cuts a very odd figure (esp. given his tussle with his father-in-law Maulana Sufi Muhammed).

Made a long comment in reply, but more in order to understand HOW people can justify adulation of such people. And what drives them – is it true Islamic knowledge (in which case HAVE they examined the parallels with earlier Islamic history), or is it some tribal (pagan) belief system:

Maulana Fazlullah is not a “Maulana”, but he calls himself Maulana. Do you find that is a good “fayl” (i.e. habit) ?

Does it bother you that his sources of finance are unknown ?

Have you questioned where Takfiri ideology comes from and what it has been implicated in ? That is, breakup of the Ottoman Caliphate by the British (Lawrence of Arabia/Saud-tribe/Abdul Wahhab Takfiri fatwas). And subsequent rule of Arabia by one family.

Are you aware WHY majority of Sunni madhab forbid going against state ? Because it opens up the state to BIGGER enemies – and the Takfiri groups become tools (or inadvertent allies) of outsiders.

Wahhabi/Salafi was the creation of ONE “scholar” – and is a “modern” innovation (Salafi is old word).

Also remember in Islam, war is not fought for “glory”, but to achieve a purpose.

If you start fighting it for “glory” alone then it is for “blood lust” and “revenge” or some tribal (pagan) beliefs.

Are you aware of the Ismaili fitna (Hasan Sabah/Hashashin/assassins) in Islamic history ?

And the Khariji fitna (in early period of Islam) ?

What lesson do you take from that ?

Advice to a Young Taliban – Part 2
Advice to a Young Taliban

1/3 Real situation in Swat – Afzal Khan Lala (ANP) – May 4, 2009

Wikipedia – Hashshashin
Wikipedia – Kharijites
Wikipedia – Abdul Wahhab
Wikipedia – Wahhabi
Wikipedia – Salafi


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