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ANP MQM MMA – perfidy of Hamid Mir, MMA – End of Jamaat-e-Islami

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Hamid Mir – Capital Talk – Geo TV – ANP, MQM, MMA discuss Swat, May 12 strike call by ANP – May 11, 2009

ANP – Zahid Khan – insists on right to protest events of May 12 in Karachi (which seems a bit of a stretch given ANP has far greater problems in Swat/NWFP).

ANP gets into heated tongue lashing against MMA FATA MNA – is pissed off at the “jihalat” of the MMA person that he doesn’t even understand the thrust of the issue that ANP is pointing out in Swat. Says that MMA and similar groups killed 2.3M Afghans by getting them into Afghan/Soviet war and took dollars from U.S. And are killers.

Hamid Mir for his part (as usual) reverts to blaming ANP guy that “why don’t you resign from Parliament” so they don’t sit with killers. What logic ! That is, he wants the killers to ride roughshod in Parliament.

ANP guy complains to Hamid Mir “you brought a guy who doesn’t understand what is being discussed” and says we are saying something and you are talking about another thing.

ANP guy says these people were taking dollars from U.S., and are doing “siyasat” over dead bodies. And for these people is a joke. And they don’t care about people.

There is some truth to that.

MQM – Wasim Akhtar saying what is the occasion for May 12 protest by ANP when they did not do it last year (last year got compensation for it supposedly) and NOW when country is at war in Swat, does it seem appropriate ?

MMA – Maulvi Kifayatullah – shows great arrogance laughing at the predicament of the ANP. Goes to show these people do not care what happens to the people of Pakistan, and are close to being criminals in the garb of “religious people”.

Plus they seem to have other interests and agendas (which is a standard problem with Jamaat-e-Islami). They have been implicated with “Maulana” Aziz of Lal Masjid as well. Plus a number of JI members have been found involved with “foreign” fighters within Pakistan – some of whom are now working in aid of Tehreek-e-Taliban – an anti-Pakistani organization with funding from foreign sources (“bags of money”).

This MMA MNA is the ONLY one LAUGHING in this program. This is because he KNOWS he will not be killed by the Tehreek-e-Taliban. But that the ANP MNA is sweating because he CAN be killed. No wonder it is all a joke for this MMA MNA.

Also includes Aftab Alam, President of Swat Bar Council. However he makes some comments against Tehreek-e-Taliban, but then start off in another direction when asked for “maslay ka hal”, he says “Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan issue will have to be solved”, which frustrates Hamid Mir as well, since he is asking for short-term answer for dealing with refugees. Hamid Mir says give solution for the “next 2 weeks”.

Last few days Hamid Mir been trying to show his “allegiance to the state” by starting to say the people in Swat are becoming a nuisance. When the Army is at war against them, it becomes problematic for journalists to continue to support “the enemy”.

However again he shows his pro-Taliban roots by bringing in people “for balance” in his debates, NOT to debate how to benefit the refugees, but to RESTART old issues. The inclusion of the MMA MNA (who is pro-Tehree-e-Taliban – i.e. the supporter of a group which is at war with the country !) is indicative of the sort of “debate” he wants in his program.

Rather than a discussion on “how to help refugees”, the debate (predictably) devolves into whether operation in Swat is valid or not.

Hamid Mir for his part, acts innocent (like he is the only reasonable person in the room – what appropriated self-inflation), feigns ignorance that “I call you people and then you say that I make you fight but you are fighting yourself” and “what will people think”.

And the problem is he has CALLED the wrong people. His choice of people WAS goign to create a problem when the MMA MNA was going to say the ANP is responsible for the blood of Swat (when it is the ANP whose workers have been killed in droves – it is NO WONDER that the ANP guy throws a fit). It is like being brought in to sit next to a murderer of your party members.

Hamid Mir achieves his objective – to seem like HE is the one who is all reasonable – and the people in the studio are the “unreasonable” people.

By showing the politicians and the government is “undecided” he can make the claim that the war is prosecuted “without thinking”.

If anything the impact for a clueless viewer would STILL be that whatever the government is doing is “not totally in the clear”, or STILL open to debate (while we are at war and our troops are committed).

This is why Hamid Mir is a “fitna” in his own right. That is, he is self-serving, rather than elucidating he seeks to match his guests against each other, and then in conclusion he makes a statement or the other that “government doesn’t know” etc.

In THAT way, Hamid Mir keeps issues that should have been “decided” by now (and we should move on to the NEXT thing) in the “not decided” category (i.e. should there be operation in swat or not).

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