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Moeed Pirzada interviews Imran Khan

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Dr. Moeed Pirzada visits Imran Khan at his home in Bani Gala in Islamabad – Dunya News – June 13, 2009.

What the interview misses out on is the contradiction in Imran Khan’s pro-health (his links to a hospital) and his “vision” and the reality of his building a house in prohibited territory in contravention of environmental principles.

Bani Gala lies right next to Rawal Dam. Numerous illegal colonies have sprung up (no doubt because the real-estate prices elsewhere are prohibitive), but they are contravening the CDA policy on residential construction next to the Lake.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was one of the early builders – whose house is right ON the lake. That building has inspired many others to “test the waters” of CDA tolerance. Thus AQ Khan’s actions acted as “targheeb” for others.

CDA for it’s part has been unable to stop this illegal activity.

And Imran Khan is part of that activity.

He is living in the catchment area (the area which contributes water to Rawal Lake – rainfall and drainage in the area will flow into the lake) for Rawal Dam.

In his own way he is contributing to the dietary intake of all those who get drinking water from Rawal Dam.

Basically anyone who is getting water from Rawal Dam is getting Eau De Imran Khan.

Excesses as inspiration for Tehreek-e-Taliban

What the Tehreek-e-Taliban do on a large scale, is done routinely in Pakistan on a smaller scale at every level.

The populating of environmentally non-approved areas for building houses is one such activity.

Essentially it is “dhownse” (i.e. bullying) towards state authority. State authorities are also complicit, as some “chacha” or “maama” is involved in the crime, so they go soft on the issue.

Result – we have mushrooming and no consistency to any policies. Those carrying out the policies lack the will to push through for fear of facing enemies, or conversely they are least bothered so they take their job without seriousness and the end result is “passing time”.

Is it any wonder that the Tehreek-e-Tailban find ready recruits from the public for action against the state ? Or that they find sympathizers in the media for their actions ?

If not to “punish” the outrageous behaviour of the privileged, it is ALSO a “me too” attitude. That if others can loot, then we should loot as well. So it is not all that altruistic either, but it definitely breeds on the misbehaviour of the well-to-do.

How weighty are Imran Khan’s pleas for action against the “powerful” in Pakistan ? When he himself partakes in activity which benefits him (good living environment), but harms a large majority of Pakistanis (those who built Rawal Dam for drinking water).

How relevant is his DEFENCE of the Taliban and Tehreek-e-Taliban and the now ineffective Jirga system and the setup in FATA (which Imran Khan is a great fan of and repeats the history of defeat of all outsiders in FATA) when these areas HAVE been defeated. Their Jirga systems have been subverted and taken over by the powerful “foreign fighters” and the money they leverage.

Tribal “lashkars” were routinely destroyed by these groups, and suicide bombings of Jirgas decimated the tribal decisionmakers. These groups (which include foreign fighters) have UNDERSTOOD the weaknesses of FATA (use religion, and spend money) and they have leveraged those advantages to devastate the area.

Structural problems in FATA – a problem waiting to happen

Imran Khan is living in the FATA of 20 years ago. Even THEN his analysis was incomplete, as it did not include the “mehmaan-nawazi for a payment” that sheltered the militants of THAT period – i.e. the car lifters and anyone who violated the laws of Pakistan who hid out in FATA to escape justice. FATA was a “free agent” for these people.

It is ironic that Imran Khan cannot see the contradiction between his criticism of the DUAL system of education (“O” levels and pakistani board of education) and his ACCEPTANCE of the DUAL systems of FATA and the rest of Pakistan.

Meanwhile Imran Khan sees NO contradiction between the openness of Pakistan to FATA residents (who can live anywhere in Pakistan), and the non-openness of FATA to the wider population of Pakistan (can you live anywhere in FATA without being bothered ?). And isn’t the FATA structure essentially a type of tribalism/feudalism ? Would it not eventually have clashed with the movement of society in other parts of Pakistan ?

In effect he is AGAINST the writ of Pakistan and Pakistanis over the whole territory of Pakistan.

In addition he wants to isolate certain groups into a separate category, separate from the environment of Pakistan. There IS some value to his argument – as a form of protecting the FATA environment as an “endangered culture”.

However we are seeing the outcome of such an indulgence – letting FATA “do whatever it wants”. Basically selling out to the highest bidder. Foreign money and fighters arrive in FATA and work against the state. This signifies a strategic weakness in the earlier structure that ALLOWS this “eating up from within” that the foreign fighters have done in FATA, so much so that when the residents of FATA DO try to evict the outsiders, they find themselves at their mercy. And assistance is required from the Army.

The FATA structure is essentially bankrupt, as it has NOT been able to defend itself against the foreign fighters (which allowed FATA to be used as a base against it’s own country).

1/5 Dr. Moeed Pirzada interviews Imran Khan – Dunya News – June 13, 2009
2/5 Dr. Moeed Pirzada interviews Imran Khan – Dunya News – June 13, 2009
3/5 Dr. Moeed Pirzada interviews Imran Khan – Dunya News – June 13, 2009
4/5 Dr. Moeed Pirzada interviews Imran Khan – Dunya News – June 13, 2009
5/5 Dr. Moeed Pirzada interviews Imran Khan – Dunya News – June 13, 2009

original video:
Imran Khan Chairman PTI in Dunya Today -13th June 2009


Presently also there is indiscriminate activities
are underway. A number of housing colonies, residential areas are coming up in the Rawal
Lake catchement area without any consideration that this will adversely effect the quality
of water coming into Rawal Lake. This includes dumping of untreated sewerage and solid
waste in water channel. With all these activities, there is no consideration of having
environmental clearance from the concerned agency.

Actions Taken to Prevent or Reduce Rawal Lake Pollution
The recommendations included:
– No further settlements to be allowed in catchment area.


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