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Munawwar Hassan – Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami – Sindh TV

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Interesting interview of Syed Munawwar Hassan – Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami – Sindh TV – June 16, 2009.

This is proof that the smaller TV channels ARE playing a role and just as they sometimes scoop the bigger channels with their video footage, they can also trump them sometimes in programs such as these.

Downfall of the JI

The rise of Munawwar Hassan could be aligned with the downfall of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

The assigning of a “Muhajir” leader, replacing the Pashtun Qazi Hussain Ahmed.

With the way the winds are blowing – the steady realization within Pakistan that these people are supporters of “fitna” and agents of chaos. There will be a steady decline in the JI’s fortunes.

The replacement of Qazi Hussain Ahmed (who gave the impression of a “bhola” ignorant), by Munawwar Hassan (who seems MUCH more intelligent, however has a touch of meanness in his behaviour which borders of “smart alecky” i.e. he is willing to prove a point while losing the bigger argument).

This is relevant because it will move the public perception from the “bhola pana” of the JI to the nasty aspect of the JI.

In most of his interviews, Munawwar Hassan has come across as desperate, cornered and predilected towards minor point scoring.

Also the replacement of a Pashtun by a “Muhajir” could be relevant as well. The “jahil” segments of Punjabi/NWFP public who may have followed Qazi earlier, may be less keen to defend or follow the peculiar behavioural patterns of a Karachiite leader.

The History of the JI

The JI at numerous times have been used as agents by foreign powers.

From the 1960s support of JI by the U.S. (getting stuff printed in JI printing presses and then burning it on USIS premises as a legal way to fund the JI ?) to the 1980s Soviet War in Afghanistan.

The same pattern can now be seen with the “foreign fighters” pushing their own agenda whenever they establish a base in Pakistan – an agenda that is not necessarily respectful of the peculiar history of Pakistan. Often those groups bring their simplistic ideology to Pakistan – what doesn’t work in their own countries they seek to put into action while in Pakistan. That is supported by the existece of NGOs and groups running after aid (just as other NGOs run after western aid) from Arab sources.

As the Tehreek-e-Taliban gets squeezed, they will lash out against the public as well, and in response the public will develop an even greater response to these people. The JI (and Imran Khan) are not keeping abreast of this change, and are continuing their old line.

Removal of Musharraf as whipping boy for all that ailed people

That line may have worked against Musharraf – it went well with the anti-U.S. sentiment. And even though Musharraf may have been working for Pakistani interests (while keeping U.S. pressures at bay), there was a concerted effort among those who just hated him for his guts or for what amounted to ethnic aversion (since Musharraf WAS technically a “Muhajir”, even though he used the lilt in his voice to fullest to convey a Punjabi influence !).

There is a tendency among the more incompetent segments of “intellectual” society in Pakistani to somehow sustain their status as “intellectuals” and “analysts”. For many of these Musharraf’s ability to convey ideas seriously put a damper on their own self-opinion (and the standard by which people judged good speakers and good explainers). It is possible that this RESENTMENT against Musharraf – for making many PREVIOUSLY “intellectual” people look postured and stupid/fake – may be one of the reasons many people hated his guts.

However, Musharraf is no longer around as the whipping boy for the “jahil” segment of Pakistani society.

Now they HAVE to tackle the realization that there ARE issues that transcend Musharraf.

Eventually this will sink in – and when that happens, the JI and Imran Khan will be found standing on the wrong side of the fence.

1/2 Munawwar Hassan – Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami – Sindh TV – June 16, 2009
2/2 Munawwar Hassan – Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami – Sindh TV – June 16, 2009


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