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Ahsan Iqbal (PML-N) negates Musharraf (Najam Sethi interview)

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Basically negates everything Musharraf said about Nawaz Sharif.

So far it is Nawaz Sharif who has been seen to be lying – the misstatement about being “no deal”, and then the duration of the deal.

It is also ironic, that for all the opposition to Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif is also dependent on the legitimacy of Musharraf to still claim relief in the “Tayarra Saazish Case” (Hijacking of the PIA plane Musharraf was riding in, that was diverted on Nawaz Sharif’s orders out of Pakistani airspace into India with scant few minutes of fuel left).

That is, until the case is overturned (as many cases seem to be – thanks to his “support” of the “lawyer’s movement”), Nawaz Sharif is STILL dependent on the pardon that Musharraf accorded him (in keeping with the “deal” moved by Saudi Arabia to protect Nawaz Sharif).

Nawaz Sharif is a tainted person with obligations to foreign countries. He is heavily indebted to Saudi Arabia, and it was Saudi Arabia which insisted that “if Benazir is going to return before elections, then we can’t hold Nawaz Sharif”.

Ahsan Iqbal (PML-N) responds to Musharraf (Najam Sethi interview) – June 26, 2009


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June 27, 2009 at 4:57 am

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