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PML-N politicians follow Nawaz Sharif example

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PML-N politicians back in the fold after a long hiatus, go all out in their shenanigans.

First a PML-N MNA Haji Pervez sends someone else to take his educational exams.

Then PML-N Provincial Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor involved in a tussle with Customs officials at airport.

Then PML-N MPA Munawwar Gil accused of raping a lady. That “resolved” after she forgave him (shows video of him crying in a police van next to the woman). Report does not mention if he or his familiy used “pressure” to get the lady to “forgive” him.

Then a PML-N MPA (Member of Provincial Assembly) Shumaila Rana steals someone’s credit card (from a gymnasium) to buy jewelry worth Rs. 80,000. The PML-N MPA lady appears in CCTV footage obtained from the jewelry shop. Earlier the MPA had claimed that she was not involved.

If not for the (Musharraf supported) media we would not have retractions and pressure on the PML-N now to distance itself from those who are caught.

Interestingly while a lot of mention is made of Musharraf’s “farm” (which cost less than a 500 yard plot in Islamabad prior to being acquired by Musharraf), and of Musharraf buying a small house in the U.K. to aid in his lecture tours (also the Army in Rawalpindi maybe getting tired of providing him security at the Army House, since his move to his Chak Shahzad farm was a security risk).

But few mention Hamid Mir (the pro-Taliban journalist) having moved his family to the U.K. (confirm if incorrect).

And few mention Nawaz Sharif’s Raiwind property (ownership of a whole locality), or the domination of Jamaat-e-Islami in Mansoora. These isolationist carving out of territory is not healthy for Pakistan.

However there IS a problem with Musharraf’s farm – in that while he has the money (from his book sales – though some may question if he should have profited from a book while in Government service – but if it is seen as a type of Government PR effort it may fall in a grey area) then why did he accept some part of it as a “gift” from a friend.

Because while it maybe above board – it still opens up the potential for “kickback” accusations. That is, just the fact that he took something from someone means that he is indebted to them. Now, he may not have done anything special for that person, but he still opens himself up to challenge.

PML-N politicians follow Nawaz Sharif example – July 12, 2009


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