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Fruits of the Lawyer’s Movement

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Host of the program “Awam Ki Awaz” on CNBC visits city courts in Karachi to see the improvements made by the much vaunted (by “civil society” and the “honorable lawyers”) Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

I guess it was a fair trade to give away Musharraf and 2 years of Pakistan, and get Iftikhar Chaudhry in return ?

To see normally “harami” lawyers portrayed as great saviours of “civil society” by Geo and AAJ TV.

Whoever thought up THAT script ? Could it be someone who was not familiar with the realities of Pakistani lawyers ?

Geo and AAJ happen to run programs made by foreign government agencies (Voice of America – VOA) and run them so they are indistinguishable from their own programming. Which media channel would tolerate that kind of brand dilution – especially in Pakistan where airing a U.S. propaganda channel would not exactly be a commercially profitable move.

How much are Geo and ARY “overpaid” for their services ?

In the same way that the USIS overpaid for printing material at the Jamaat-e-Islami printing presses in the 1960s – as a way to clandestinely (and “legally”) fund them ?

This video has lawyers fighting with the reporter instead of accepting realities (so that they can prepare themselves to fix them).

One lawyer lies by saying he has never seen a policeman take a bribe. The reporter says she has seen it already in her short trip to the city courts.

This is the result when lawyers refuse to condemn their own. Why ? Because they have a “lawyer’s biradari” (a term they seem to be quite proud of).

Which explains why a complaint against Iftikhar Chaudhry was not examined by the Supreme Judicial Council but was squelched by his colleagues on the Supreme Court. What was so damaging in the accusations against Iftikhar Chaudhry that they did not want to bring it up to scrutiny ? What were the reasons for refusing to look at the accusations ?

The Pakistani public still does not know if there ever was an analysis done of the accusations against Iftikhar Chaudhry – were they correct or were they incorrect ?

The public is split between people who could see what was happening, party workers (each supporting their own), and the rest were non-thinkers. Asma Shirazi on Geo TV is one of those. At least Hamid Mir knows why he hates Musharraf or why he wants to make it appear that he hates him. Yet it is presenters on TV like Asma Shirazi who cannot control their facial expressions – they are so SURE that the story told by the “media” is the correct one, and anyone supporting Musharraf MUST be mistaken.

Evidently she did not feel any sign of disgust when she glad-handed the many parliamentarians on her former show “Parliament Cafe” on Geo TV. Fine specimens of integrity those.

Asma has now been replaced by an equally naive and perhaps even more jahil lady presenter on Geo TV, who has her own show where she is utterly incapable of asking any incisive question of her guests.

1/3 Awam Ki Awaz – CNBC Pak – Oct 8, 2009
2/3 Awam Ki Awaz – CNBC Pak – Oct 8, 2009
3/3 Awam Ki Awaz – CNBC Pak – Oct 8, 2009


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