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Truth about Kargil

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Dr. Danish examines the truth about Kargil with Siddique Al-Farooq (PML-N), Gohar Ayub (PML-Q, and son of Ayub Khan) and Brigadier (R) M. Ali Jawed (Analyst).

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Yasin Malik vs. Imran Khan

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Yasin Malik criticizes those who take domestic politics and take it overseas in other countries. Compares the unity among overseas Hindus who while critical of each other inside India, do not distinguish between themselves when they are overseas and lobby for India.

This seems to catch Imran Khan in his tracks as he is in the middle of a tirade against our leaders and taking it overseas.

This is one of the weaknesses of Imran Khan, that while railing (correctly) against the (usually nonthinking) Pakistanis who start acting like they are Western themselves and take their case to the West, he himself allows himself to succumb to that. Taking the domestic politics of Pakistan and taking it to the U.K. “advising” them about the unsuitability of such and such candidate in Pakistan. All the while being unthinking about the impression this creates in people in Pakistan. The “going to London” to advise outsiders is not much different from the behaviour he has criticized earlier.

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Najam Sethi – Altaf Hussain interview

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Najam Sethi interviews Altaf Hussain – Dunya News – June 28, 2009

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Shahrukh Khan and Sourav Ganguly press conference

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Media openness in Pakistan, Indian tunnel vision and Israel’s Jedi Mind Trick

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Here we have national patriotic songs about India – including references to Pakistan as the enemy.

And this airs openly on Pakistan TV.

I wonder if India has the same “dil ki barhai”. Lack of that is one of the reason why the “atoot ang” of Pakistan was broken from India.

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Juhala, Taliban and the future of Saudi Arabia (urban/rural divide)

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Coddling of the Taliban over the years, the inability to tag (or document) “foreign fighters”. The habit over the years to “forgive” all illegality by FATA or Baluch feudals (listen to all the people on media lament the demise of the “Nawab” Bugti).

While sending Sheikh Rashid to jail for displaying a Kalashnikov.

Pakistan has been ruled under a schizophrenic system for decades. Where different rules apply to different people.

I could not do what “Nawab” Bugti did while in the cities. Yet journalists and politicians waste no time in praising “Nawab” Bugti and badmouthing Musharraf. They remember the missile that killed Bugti, but they forget the missiles that downed helicopters prior to that (The Story of Bugti’s Death).

Those people who have an urban background longer than a generation DO have a strong sense of what it means to be Pakistani. Not just in an “emotional” sense, but in a logical, philosophical sense which has a “vision for Pakistan”.

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May 1, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Mumbai attacks – Interpol Criticizes India

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Mumbai attacks – Interpol Criticizes India

Interpol chief Richard Noble’s press conference with Interior Minister Rehman Malik (who left the room so the Interpol chief could have his press conference) on March 8, 2009.

Discussion centers around Mumbai attacks and lack of cooperation by India.

1/2 Interpol Criticizes India (Mumbai attacks) – Mar 8, 2009
2/2 Interpol Criticizes India (Mumbai attacks) – Mar 8, 2009

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March 17, 2009 at 11:05 pm