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Najam Sethi – Altaf Hussain interview

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Najam Sethi interviews Altaf Hussain – Dunya News – June 28, 2009

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MQM, JI and Imran Khan and the future of “religious” parties

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In the case of success against the Taliban at a truly basic level. That will involve elucidating the Hanafi schools dominance in the subcontinent and the alien nature of the Wahhabi sect.

There will have to be a concerted effort to identify and marginalize ALL Wahhabi/Salafi and Saudi inspired groups as “foreign”.

It is time Pakistanis started identifying such ideologically aligned groups as anti-Pakistani.

This is because most of these groups enjoy support from outside the country which makes them do things that are sometimes NOT sympathetic to Pakistan, but rather to the downfall of Pakistan so a new system can be installed that is financed by Saudi Arabia, or to make Pakistan into a second home for the Saudis.

The problem is that while people can readily identify British and U.S. interests in Pakistan, they rarely identify Saudi interests.

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May 1, 2009 at 12:40 pm