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Musharraf interview on Indus TV

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Musharraf interview on Indus TV (pre-2007 election) – aired Apr 16, 2009

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Musharraf interview on Dunya TV

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Pervez Musharraf interview and Q&A on Dunya TV – April 10, 2010

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Musharraf interview – Russia Today

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Musharraf interview – Russia Today – May 28, 2009

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Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf and Kargil (Nusrat Mirza)

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Nusrat Mirza (columnist) and Rehmat Khan Wardaq (President, Tehreek-i-Istaqlal) comment on Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf and the Kargil episode – Waqt TV program “Dao Peynch” (Feb 23, 2009).

Much has been made of Nawaz Sharif’s behaviour during that period, when he reportedly “touched the feet” (figuratively) of Bill Clinton on his unannounced visit there (documented in some news reports that he arrived unannounced to the mild annoyance of Bill Clinton).

This is another trait of many of our feudal leaders as well as Nawaz Sharif. They are truly incompetent people, unable to chart the course for the nation, but they act like “Sher” (tigers) in an act of fake bravado to the domestic audience, while kowtowing to just about anybody outside Pakistan. Why ? Because their capability is exposed when they meet nominally competent people from outside (and they perhaps feel freer to act openly with “strangers”), because at home they have to wage a 24/7 campaign for relevance among the ignorant masses (fool them), and among the cognizant (by intimidation).

And we have recently heard Nawaz Sharif spin stories from that period again.

While it maybe understood that the government of that day required a degree of “deniability”, but then Nawaz Sharif should have had the personality and should have oozed leadership to have gotten the Army to do his bidding. After all that is all that Musharraf ever had going for him.

People with memories longer than 5 years will remember Nawaz Sharif’s totally bankrupt handling of the foreign exchange reserves (thanks to the scared shitless Finance Minister Sartaj Aziz) when they just could not think of any way to leverage the Pakistani Atomic Tests (in the same way as India was able to do following THEIR tests).

This is a relatively open discussion and criticism of Nawaz Sharif’s inability to manage his affairs with Musharraf/Army/Kargil during that period.

As most aware people know, these two also confirm the levels of incompetence which have always dogged Nawaz Sharif.

Essentially also pointing to his incompetence in matters of leadership – in being able to channel the power groups in Pakistan to serve the nation.

They also point out that instead of “complaining”, he should have taken concrete steps to manage affairs. And his complaining itself suggests his inability to handle the often robust powers that exist in Pakistan. Because the fact remains, any leader in Pakistan HAS to be able to handle all these groups.

Unfortunately making a fortune via political patronage and constructing steel mills is inadequate preparation for this job.

Also Shahbaz Sharif, the nominally better of the duo, is crippled by that tradition of listening to “Abba Ji”. His inability to distinguish himself separate from his elder (and perhaps less astute) brother has meant that THAT competence also goes underutilized.

Nawaz Sharif should have demoted himself in favour of his younger brother a long time ago, if he was serious about sustainability of their leadership.

1/2 Nusrat Mirza – Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf and Kargil – Feb 23, 2009
2/2 Nusrat Mirza – Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf and Kargil – Feb 23, 2009

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