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Salman Taseer – Sharif’s “extrajudicial” FIA building

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Punjab Governor Salman Taseer (PPP) interviewed by Rana Mubasher – Mar 9, 2010 – NewsOne TV

Missing first part of interview.

Whether Salman Taseer and his son drink or not (which seems to be the main subject of most media coverage of him), or that he may support Benazir or Zardari (another red flag), however he makes some interesting revelations in this interview about Shehbaz Sharif’s extrajudicial actions:

– that the FIA center bombed a few days ago was a “non-official” torture center that was “outsourced” by Shehbaz Sharif

– that Shehbaz Sharif was running a private interrogation cell in a residential neighborhood at the Model Town building (which was bombed and media reported it as an “FIA interrogation center”). Other news reports have resident comments that prisoners were brought to this cell and they could hear their screams from the house.

– that Rana Maqbool (“famous encounter specialist” – which is a euphemism for extrajudicial killing arranger – who is “mafroor” in Sindh made “Secretary Prosecution in the Punjab Government) along with a Major Mushtaq (Retired probably) were running this cell.

– questions the competence of Rana Maqbool to be running the prosecution department if he is “mafroor” and running extrajudicial cells.

– Taseer makes apt comment that if top hierarchy advocates extrajudicial action, then it is no wonder that police is out of control – and this mirrors comments made here that lower level employees of police will feel they have immunity to do such actions for themselves if they have previously performed them at the request of the Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Note that Shehbaz Sharif has a well established reputation for “extrajudicial killings” (where police stage a fake “encounter” in order to justify killing an alleged criminal). This is indicative of the lack of trust in the judicial process (which maybe correct) – however given their recent support of Iftikhar Chaudhry, a CONTINUATION of this behaviour suggests they STILL do not trust the courts ! (which may also be correct). But there is serious disciplinary impact (let alone the human right aspect) on the discipline and morale of the police force, if officers who willingly participate in killing at the order of Shehbaz Sharif are given promotions and elevated over the heads of other police officers. Since the arrival of Shehbaz Sharif after extended stay in the land of the Saud family the media coverage suggests an escalation in extrajudicial killings again in Lahore and the Punjab.

– that Rana Sanaullah frequently touts his “rishtay daari” i.e. family relationship with “Chief Justice” Iftikhar Chaudhry – which might explain Iftikhar Chaudhry’s predilection towards Nawaz Sharif – although both Taseer and Rana explicitly avoid going in that direction (Chief Justice will probably call them to court if they do). A true test of Iftikhar CHaudhry’s “independence” will become clear once we see him start to act against Nawaz Sharif. Acting against the much hated (both within and outside the PPP) Zardari is the easy thing to do – to act against the Sharif brothers will be a true indicator of Iftikhar Chaudhry’s mettle.

– passing reference is made to recent revelations that Rana Sanaullah has close relationship with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (a banned organization which advocates that Shia are “wajib-ul-qatl”). This relates to recent media coverage that Rana Sanaullah (and PML-N in general) is giving party tickets for leaders of banned “religious” organizations and that Rana Sanaullah has been leading rallies with heavy police escort for leaders who are “banned” (bad signal to the police as well). It should be noted that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has variously been reported as having received funds from Iraqi intelligence (outcome of the Iraq-Iran war – with this being part of the proxy Arab/Israel/U.S vs. Iran war being waged in Pakistan). There were reports of initial Mossad involvement with this outfit as well, although that is not clear.

– reveals the numerous PML-N leaders involved in rape, cheating on exams (Rawalpindi), killing an army veteran and fleeing the scene (Lahore), the involvement with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba (another banned outfit) and the participation and the recent abettment and participation of PML-N public representative in the public “chhittrole” of alleged criminals by police officials (widely reported in media recently).

– interesting discussion about how PML-N leadership “nay muaf kar dya hai” the PML-N elected representative who was found to have stolen jewelry from a women’s gym. Salman Taseer aptly observes that “muafee” is not the right of Shehbaz Sharif but those whose property was stolen.

– Rana Sanaullah plaza being “illegal” escapes destruction while others are prosecuted in Lahore.

1/3 Salman Taseer interview – Rana Mubasher – Mar 9, 2010
2/3 Salman Taseer interview – Rana Mubasher – Mar 9, 2010
3/3 Salman Taseer interview – Rana Mubasher – Mar 9, 2010
Short news report:
Sharif “extrajudicial” cells – Mar 9, 2010 – NewsOne TV


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  1. Adalat ho gi ma kay jaisi

    Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is unique. His judges are his soldiers. The judiciary functions under his chain of command. Every judge is at his beck and call. His is the last word. He constitutes benches comprising of judges of his own choice. He decides cases against persons who were never a party to any case. He condemns them unheard and that too without notice. He has removed over 104 judges of superior judiciary without hearing them. He is of the view that the position of a judge is so honorific that he should not appear before his brother judges and therefore no hearing should be provided to him. He has repeatedly dubbed these 104 judges as PCO judges whereas none of these judges ever took an oath under the PCO while Chief Justice took PCO oath twice and also validated the PCO of General Musharaf in 2000. He issued contempt notices to his fellow judges and caused them to appear in court despite their elated positions. He can alter, violate or rewrite his own constitution. He can refuse to follow seniority principle in appointing a Supreme Court judge despite having held that all appointments in executive branch should be based on seniority. He condemns adhocism but has forced the appointment of an adhoc judge in the Supreme Court. He has condemned over 8000 persons including judges of superior courts, two high ranking law officers, a former attorney general and Chairman of NAB without providing all these persons with an opportunity of hearing in two recent judgments . In the judgment of 31st of July Chief Justice has relied on order dated 3rd of November 2007 of seven member bench. It is now established that no order was passed on 3rd of November 2007 by this so-called bench which in fact had never assembled. The Chief Justice has fabricated the said order. It is because of this reason that PCO judges who took oath on 3rd November 2007 are not being assigned any court work in violation of article 209 of the constitution by Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Lahore High Court for the last more than 8 months on the pretext of pending contempt proceedings. This act alone is causing a recurring loss of over 10 million per month to the national exchequer because these judges and their staff are getting full salary and perks but are not being made to work. The contempt proceedings are not being taken up since these are based on fictitious order of 3rd of November 2007 and further proceedings in this contempt case can bring to light the fraud committed by Chief Justice Iftikhar. Hats off to lawyers movement- May I ask Aitzaz, that, was he referring to his step mom when he said ” adalat ho gi ma kay jaisi “.

    Honest People

    March 24, 2010 at 6:49 am

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